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Chiefs Tyson Jackson Finally Working Hard

Tyson Jackson was the No. 3-overall player selected in the 2009 draft by the Kansas City Chiefs. So far, he’s been a huge disappointment. There was even some who speculated that he might not even make the team this year.

That’s pretty bad.

But, apparently, Jackson has been working out with an MMA trainer this offseason and has reported to camp in great shape. Head coach Todd Haley praised him for…working hard?

“The best thing out of that is that he cares and he’s working,” Haley said. “He was working, and he was going out of his way to work.”

Giving him props for caring and working?! Are you serious? That’s like what Chris Rock said about the ignorant people on day time talk shows like Jenny Jones and Jerry Springer. They jump up and yell things like, “I take care of my kids!” and “I pay my bills!” You’re supposed to!

So congratulations to Tyson Jackson for caring and trying.


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