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Chiefs Playing For Respect in Week Three

The Kansas City Chiefs are a team so far up in the air, that nobody really knows if they are overrated or underrated.

They came into the 2010 season as a below average team that weren’t expected to do much.  Matt Cassel is considered by many to be nothing more than a mediocre quarterback, the Chiefs running game is middle of the pack, and their defense has signs of talent but has a lot of holes.

Thus far, the Chiefs running game is keeping them above water.  The team of Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones has combined for 275 total yards of rushing offense, which accounts for more than half of Kansas City’s total offensive yards.

The Chiefs passing attack has been conservative the first two games, which may not be a bad thing.  If Cassel and offensive coordinator, Charlie Weis, can find a way to put the ball into Chris Chambers hands, the floodgates will open and the Chiefs will be a major offensive threat in the NFL.  And they better figure it out fast, because the 49ers rushing defense is one of the best in the league.  You can bet Mike Singletary is going to have his squad fired up in week three after losing a close game to the defending champion Saints, on Monday Night Football last week. 

One thing is for certain; Kansas City needs to find an identity fast, because although the Chiefs are 2-0, no team on their schedule is afraid of them at this point.  Inconsistent play surely isn’t going to make things better.  Their win against the Chargers in week one was impressive, but barely sneaking out of Cleveland raises some questions.

Are the Chiefs a playoff caliber team?  Does their record reflect what kind of team they really are?

Only time will tell, but losing to the defeated 49ers isn’t an option if Kansas City wants respect. 


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