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Chiefs Jonathan Baldwin Hurt in Locker Room Brawl

There were concerns entering this past NFL Draft about Pitt wide receiver Jonathan Baldwin. Teams were worried about his attitude and work ethic, and it looks like those teams were pretty smart.

Nick Wright of 610 AM in Kansas City said on his show Friday that Baldwin got into a fist fight with Thomas Jones and broke his wrist.

“I heard broken wrist, I heard out 6-8 weeks,” Wright said. “… Behind close doors, (Baldwin) has been an entitled jack-ass. And not surprisingly, the coal miner’s son Thomas Jones … whooped his -ss over it.”

He cited a source that says Baldwin has been the typical douchebag that many thought he’d be before the draft.

“He’s as advertised,” a source tells Wright. “Diva, spoiled, doesn’t wanna listen. Can run a Go and a Slant, and doesn’t wanna work.”

That’s the other problem. We’ve been hearing that he can’t get off of press coverage. While it makes him a horse’s rear end to be getting into fist fights with teammates (why do I not think it was Jones’ fault?), if he can’t get off press coverage, he can’t play in the NFL.

Look for Baldwin to be out 6-8 weeks with this self-inflicted injury.

Sounds like the Chiefs got themselves a winner!


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