Chiefs Fan Mocks Patriots Fan with Obscene Gesture (Video)


There was plenty of drama during last night's Kansas City Chiefs-New England Patriots game with Chiefs' safety Husain Abdullah getting penalized for doing a brief Islamic prayer in the end zone.

However, there was also action in the stands where Chiefs' fan Grant Hinkle, who is also a well-known poker player, tried to humiliate a nearby Patriots' fan.

On a video (below) filmed by an unidentified bystander, Hinkle is seen holding a beer bottle next to his groin in apparent effort to symbolize a penis.

According to, Hinkle then sexually thrust his groin area towards the Patriots fan's face and yelled, "USA!" reports that Hinkle, who is a WSOP bracelet winner, was called “The Most Obnoxious Human Being On The Planet” by for the tasteless stunt.

In response, Hinkle proudly posted on Twitter:

Day 1 of title defense! @UPROXX This Chiefs Fan Is Quite Literally The Most Obnoxious Human Being On The Planet.



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