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Chiefs Cheerleader Turned MMA Fighter Rachel Wray to Fight on January 25

Put the pom-poms aside and bring out the fighting gloves as FMMA has its first ever cheerleader turned fighter. Just a year ago Rachel Wray (1-0) was on the sidelines continuing her lifelong passion of being a cheerleader. A year later and Wray went from a NFL's Kansas City Chiefs cheerleader to MMA fighter.

"I discovered boxing while working out," said Wray to ESPN. "I thought punching a bag was a good workout. I loved that intensity. It was intoxicating. That spiraled into mixed martial arts. I loved getting fully engaged. I literally love every second of it."

Wray trains in Muay Thai, wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu with WEC veteran L.C. Davis (17-5) and Strikeforce's Jason High (16-3).

In Wray's first fight she defeated Ashleigh Tillman via TKO in round two for Ultimate Blue Corner Battles out of Kansas City, MO. She is scheduled to compete for the same promotion again on January 25, but that fight might not happen as Wray is in the middle of moving. Her coach has recommended she holds off until February.

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