Chicago Bulls Lose Ronnie Brewer to New York Knicks

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Former Bench Mobian, Ronnie Brewer, has found a new home in the NBA. Ronnie is the newest New York Knick, putting him just miles away from another former Bull, C.J. Watson, who just netted a deal with Brooklyn not to long ago.

Brewer, a 6-foot-7 defensive-minded wing, is a great role player coming off of any bench in the NBA. He will presumably fill a backup shooting guard or small forward role. This is yet another stab in the Borough Brawl between the Knicks and Nets as both teams have been competing to see who can put together a better team.

Brewer's replacement on the Bulls' side of things is second-year pro Jimmy Butler. Butler played extremely well in the Vegas Summer League and seems to be a good fit behind Luol Deng or Rip Hamilton.

The Bulls non-guaranteed the remaining dollars left on Brewer's contract earlier this month.

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