Chicago Bulls 2012 Preseason Schedule: Grizzlies, Cavaliers, Timberwolves, Bucks and More


After a loss to start up our Summer League season, let's go ahead and fast forward to the preseason schedule for the up-and-coming 2012-2013 season.

October 9 - at Memphis

October 12 - Cleveland (Champaign, IL)

October 13 - at Minnesota

October 16 - vs. Milwaukee

October 19 - vs. Minnesota

October 23 - vs. Oklahoma City

October 26 - Indiana (South Bend, IN)

What do you think of the schedule? Wins? Losses?

The current 7-or-so man roster couldn't win one. I'm sure that once the team comes together I'll think differently. Based on a particluarly quick simutaion in my head, I'd say we could nab at least 3 wins. Yeah, Uncle Drew's squad has a bright future and Milwaukee is always above/below average but I think that both of those should be sure fire wins.

Then you get to the "ehh ... I don't know" better half of the schedule. Memphis ain't easy, Minnesota added Brandon Roy and a healthy Ricky Rubio to the roster, Indiana was nipping at our heels last year and looks better than they did and do I really need to say much about OKC?

HttH will be in attendance at (most definitely) the game in Champaign. By then we'll have our full-scale video blogging inititave launched.

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