'You Know, Technology And Stuff': Chevy Rep's Painfully Embarrassing Award Speech Goes Viral (Video)


Chevrolet representative Rikk Wilde had a pretty rough evening yesterday.

Wilde was tasked with presenting the MVP award to Giants’ ace Madison Bumgarner. This year, the prize is a 2015 Chevrolet Colorado (side note – this is a pretty cheap move on Chevy’s part. At least give the guy a Silverado).

You’d think Chevy would choose a camera-savvy representative to appear in front of millions of people on national TV, but you’d be wrong. Wilde was clearly a nervous wreck throughout the presentation. The poor guy just could not get his breathing under control. He had to repeatedly refer to a script just to get through his pitch, and he still said the wrong words after checking his lines. It was brutal. Wilde had every symptom of someone who’d never spoken in front of a crowd before – which is fine! It just makes you wonder why Chevy picked him to do this.

Wilde’s signature moment came when he described the tech features on the Colorado.

“Uh,” Wilde said, “it combines class winning and leading, uh, you know, technology and stuff.”

You have to watch this to appreciate it. It’s 70% funny and 30% painfully embarrassing:



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