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Cheerleader Ashlee Arnau Hits Ridiculous Half-Court Shot (Video)

A cheerleader out of Hattiesburgh, Miss., ended up salvaging a week of horrid basketball from the pro and college ranks when she produced what is undoubtedly the best hoops highlight from the past seven days.

During a recent outing between William Carey and Auburn University Montgomery, 21-year-old Ashlee Arnau was given the opportunity to take a half-court shot. No big deal, right? A lot of people have been given that chance at various games – very few have actually been able to do anything with it.

Arnau did something with it.

The only thing that takes a bit of luster off that ridiculous make is the fact that it apparently didn’t come on the first try. As noted by LBS, the shot came on her “fifth attempt at halftime of the team’s last home game of the season.”

Still pretty awesome, just slightly less so now.

(Larry Brown Sports)


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