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Check Out Which Athlete Your State Can't Stop Googling

Andrew Powell-Morse over at the BestTickets blog compiled an amusing new map showing which athlete each state submits the most Google searches for. Many of the names dominating the map are what you’d expect – Lebron James and Peyton Manning hold down top spots in 26 states, for example– but there are a few unexpected gems sprinkled throughout too.

Here’s the full map:

Image placeholder title

Two of my personal favorite findings from the map: Geno Smith in West Virginia and Manti Te’o in Hawaii.

You know life is depressing as a West Virginia sports fan when a subpar quarterback who happens to be a former Mountaineer is still the state’s top search. I know West Virginia lacks a professional team in any of the major pro sports leagues, but come on guys. At least rally behind your favorite player from the Wheeling Nailers or something.

I guess Manti Te’o in Hawaii makes a bit of sense given the catfish scandal that dominated much of this past year. His appearance on this map still caught me off guard though. Of course, if Hawaii residents were like West Virginians, we would see Colt Brennan’s name here instead. Even I fell victim to the Colt Brennan hype machine a few years back. 


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