Check Out How Durant And LeBron Rank Amongst The All-Time Great NBA Playoff Scorers

Most of us are aware that Kevin Durant and LeBron James are living up to their reputations as the best players on the planet right now.

When Durant won the MVP award and went off for 40 points, LeBron responded by dropping 49. It’s a great time to be an NBA fan right now, and James and Durant are two major reasons for that. We’re getting to see two potentially all-time greats play in their primes.

Earlier in his career, LeBron was knocked for not being clutch in the playoffs. People pointed to a perceived lack of a clutch gene in his game, and said he was only at his best during the regular season. Two consecutive titles later, and – for good reason -- nobody seems to be saying that anymore.

And Durant is, well, Durant. He is the best scorer in the league and can put up 40+ points on any given night. Enough said.

Have you ever wondered how these two stack up against the all-time greats when it comes to scoring in the playoffs? If so, you’re in luck, because we’ve got your answer – and it favors well for the young stars.

Durant and James are not just top ten, but top five all time in points per game average in the playoffs. They both rank ahead of the likes of Kobe Bryant, Hakeem Olajuwon, and Elgin Baylor. That’s impressive, and just goes to show you how special these two are.

Here are the top 10 scorers in NBA playoff history, courtesy of SportsNation. No surprise who #1 is:

1. Michael Jordan – 33.45 ppg.

2. Allen Iverson – 29.73 ppg

3. Jerry West – 29.13 ppg

4. Kevin Durant – 29.02 ppg

5. LeBron James – 28.17 ppg

6. Elgin Baylor – 27.04 ppg

7. George Gervin – 26.98 ppg

8. Hakeem Olajuwon – 25.90 ppg

9. Carmelo Anthony – 25.65 ppg

10. Kobe Bryant – 25.64 ppg


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