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2010 NBA Free Agent Update: Charlotte Bobcats Re-Sign Tyrus Thomas

By Ed Niser

Charlotte Bobcats fans will not have to worry anymore about the future of forward Tyrus Thomas, the restricted free agent, as both sides agreed to a deal that will keep him in Charlotte for five years with a price tag of $40 million.

The New Jersey Nets placed a lofty offer on the table that team owner Michael Jordan said would be way too pricey for the Bobcats to match due to the luxury tax hanging overhead.

Thomas’ agent Brian Elfus released a statement to the associated press saying that “Tyrus is happy this deal is done, he is very happy to be returning to Charlotte and playing for Coach Brown.”

Bobcats General Manager Rod Higgins has not released the yearly breakdown on the contract since the deal has yet to be signed.

It goes without saying that Thomas is the prime example of what type of player head coach Larry Brown loves to have in his lineup. Thomas is long, athletic and can be used pretty much anywhere on the floor.

The 6 foot-10 Forward was acquired by Charlotte at the trade deadline last February which sent Flip Murray and Acie Law to Chicago.

Chicago suspended Thomas twice for conduct that was deemed detrimental to the team’s performance and for not reaching his potential. The Bobcats have yet to see this said conduct that the Bulls accredited Thomas with. During his time in Charlotte, Thomas is nothing short of a class act with his great athleticism on the court and his direct involvement in the Charlotte community.

In fact, Thomas is the latest recipient of the most prestigious community service award for athletes, the Jefferson award.

The Bobcats placed restrictions on the free agents contract agreeing to the terms of a qualifying offer worth $6.2 million back in June.

In just 25 games with Charlotte, Thomas loaded the stats sheet with an average of 10.1 points per game and 6.1 rebounds.

Thomas ended the season with an exclamation point in the Bobcats loss game four loss in the first round of the playoffs to Orlando posting a dominating 21 point performance, in addition to nine rebounds.

The five year deal with Thomas was not all the Bobcats front office was focused on Friday. Former Sacramento Kings and Washington Wizards backup Forward Dominic McGuire will find himself in a Bobcats uniform this season.

The six-foot-nine McGuire, agreed to the terms of a one year contract worth $900,000. The unrestricted free agent found himself in Sacramento at the end of last season where he averaged less than one point per game of the bench.

McGuire gives the Bobcats depth at the forward slot and the potential for using him in a future trade to bait a more talented player to Charlotte.

The possibility of Raymond Felton packing up his locker and playing elsewhere is looming, as the Bobcats have been nose deep in trade negotiations with several teams.

Charlotte intends to free up some salary cap room by dumping a big contract, who it might be has yet to be determined.

The Bobcats faithful can rest assured that Thomas will pick up where he left off last season, in the franchises’ playoff debut.


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