Chiefs Charlie Weis Heading to Florida


According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, newly-hired Florida coach Will Muschamp has recruited Charlie Weis away from the Kansas City Chiefs to become the offense coordinator for the Gators.  Although the deal is a ‘foregone conclusion,’ Weis will finish off the season, including the playoffs, with the Chiefs.

Reports are also indicating that Muschamp intends to install a pro-style offense with pro-style quarterbacks and wide receivers.  And who else to bring aboard than a fat guy who failed to do the exact same thing at Notre Dame?  Come on, that’s not fair.  Weis has been a very successful offense coordinator at the pro-level and should do fine in Florida. 

As for who will replace Charlie Weis as the offense coordinator in Kansas City, that still remains to be seen.  But maybe even the bigger question, who will replace the guy who will replace Charlie Weis?  This could really create the snowball effect.


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