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Charlie Sheen Decides to Reference Allen Iverson in Rant

Any time you have ‘Charlie Sheen’ and ‘Allen Iverson’ in the same story you know you’re in for a special type of treat.

In some ways, the connection makes sense.

Both Iverson and Sheen have had checkered histories with various not-so-good substances. Both Iverson and Sheen have been booked on brandishing firearms in front of their women. Both Iverson and Sheen have problems with authority. And, of course, both Iverson and Sheen know how to disappoint their co-workers and fans alike with their selfish, delusional, annoying prima donna attitudes.

During another one of his endless “exclusive” interviews (with every network besides those jerks at CBS who had the audacity to pay him $2 million per episode before calling him on his ridiculous behavior), Sheen decided to...

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