Charlie Sheen to Appear on Fox Broadcast of Mets-Yankees

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Charlie Sheen is back in the TV business, apparently. He will appear on the show Anger Management on Fox starting June 28.

According to USA Today, in an effort to promote his new gig, Sheen will appear with Tim McCarver and Joe Buck for Fox MLB’s broadcast of the upcoming Mets-Yankees game next Saturday.

Nah. Sheen will show up on-air in an interleague game starting at 7:00 p.m. ET and going to 38% of the USA to promote Anger Management, a new sitcom debuting June 28 on Fox’s FX cable channel that Sheen says will be his last TV show. His character in that series is an ex-baseball player whose career was ended by an angry outburst which led to a second career as a therapist. It is not a documentary.

Many have been looking forward to seeing Sheen ever since he left Two and a Half Men -- which, by the way, has been an absolute failure since he left the show.

Should be interesting.

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