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Charles Barkley Still Has No Clue How To Pronounce Jonas Valanciunas' Name (Video)

There's nothing quite like a good Charles Barkley clip to brighten your day.

The Auburn University-educated NBA legend is known to make a fool, err, dumbass, out of himself every once in a while, and last night was no exception.

For the second time this year, Barkley proved he has absolutely zero ability to correctly pronounce the name of Raptors center Jonas Valanciunas. Granted, it’s not like he’s botching a name like Smith or Jordan, but his attempts at pronouncing Valanciunas’ name are hilarious nonetheless -- especially for someone who talks about NBA players on TV for a living.

First, there was this gem back in February:

Then, Barkley reminded us last night that he's still completely stumped by the whole Valanciunas thing:

Don't ever change, Charles. 


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