Chargers, Bengals, Buccaneers Games to be Blacked Out this Weekend


The NFL is set to give thanks to its fans in Tampa Bay, San Diego and Cincinnati by blacking them out this weekend.

Cincinnati: While Bengals players spent Tuesday hanging out with fans at a local foodbank, Bengals owner Mike Brown is repaying the good will the community has shown him over the years by demanding they buy up every last ticket or he’ll black the game out.

San Diego: About 10,000 tickets remain for Sunday’s game against the Ravens. If those tickets aren’t all sold by 4 ET on Thanksgiving Day, the game will be blacked out throughout Southern California.

Tampa Bay: And the Tampa Bay Bucs need to sell 7,400 tickets in order to avoid a blackout of Sunday’s game against the Falcons. Keep in mind that the Tampa Bay community has shown a lot of goodwill tot the Glazer family over the years. This Thanksgiving weekend, the Glazers could spend $4 (to you and me) to save the game from a blackout. Instead, they’ll likely stick it to their loyal fans again. As they’ve done almost every week for three seasons.

These owners ought to be thankful they have any fans left…

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