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Big Changes Made to MLB 2010 All-Star Game

Today Major League Baseball announce that several changes were made for this years mid summer classic. All of which were recommended by the Special Committee for On-Field Matters.

Here are the changes:

  1. The contest always will include a designated hitter no matter where it's played.
  2. No pitcher who competes for his team on the previous Sunday will be allowed to pitch in the game.
  3. Rosters have been increased to 34 players, by one slot designated for a position player.
  4. A rule will allow one position player re-entry into the game if necessitated by injury.

These rules all make sense. Although the game now "counts" managers basically manage the same way. Players (especially pitchers) only play for a few innings maximum. These new rules will help if the game goes into extra innings, and also help pitchers stay away from injury. The All-Star Game is a great show of the talent around MLB. However it should either count and be played as a real game, or not count and play how it currently is being managed. Should the game honestly count when your best players are on the bench by the 5th inning?

Click Here to read the full article from (Hat-tip to my MLB insider RL)

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