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Chael Sonnen Thinks Jon Jones and Randy Couture are the Best Fighters He's Ever Seen

When Chael Sonnen looks at UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, he sees a fighter primed to become possibly the greatest of all-time. Sonnen and Jones will square off next year after a coaching stint on The Ultimate Fighter.

Sonnen was asked to give his take on "Bones" during a recent conference call. The outspoken fighter could only come up with one name he would place ahead of Jones.

"Jon Jones is the best fighter I've ever seen," Sonnen said. "I would put Randy Couture above him, and that's just out of respect (for Couture). He's got techniques which I don't even know the names of."

Sonnen, however, believes he will present a unique challenge to Jones and his title-run at light heavyweight, adding, "he's fought a lot of guys who are timid and afraid to fight. I will admit, he's better skill-for-skill, but I am in better shape."

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