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Chael Sonnen: "I am Not a Cheater, I am a Gangster"

Chael Sonnen likes to play with the minds of the MMA world any chance he gets. Sonnen, who will return to action this December at a new weight class, was back on UFC Tonight Tuesday evening.

In December, Sonnen will compete at light heavyweight, facing former UFC champion Forrest Griffin. But, that match is several months away, so Sonnen has decided to target UFC 205-pound champion Jon Jones.

Jones, who is busy preparing for a title defense against Dan Henderson at UFC 151: Jones vs. Henderson in September, recently called Sonnen a coward and a cheater on Twitter. Sonnen responded to those remarks in typical Chael P. Sonnen fashion.

"Well, you know I am not a cheater, I am a gangster and we follow our own set of rules," Sonnen said, "and it's up to other gangsters to attempt to stop me...duh."

Sonnen was also asked about a potential future meeting with Jones. UFC president Dana White has said that Sonnen is still a few wins away from competing for the title, plus, Sonnen has said numerous times that Henderson will defeat Jones when they meet.

"Look, I will never fight Jones," Sonnen said. "He will never fight me. He is surrounded by a bunch of yes men. Is Chael better than me? They say yes. Will Chael beat me? They say yes. Will Chael take my title? They say yes. I don't need to beat up Jon Jones, I just want to."

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