Chael Sonnen and Jason "Mayhem" Miller Exchange Words on Twitter


Chael Sonnen and Jason "Mayhem" Miller are two of the most talked about fighters in MMA history. So, the face that both men decided to start up a little beef over social media should come as no surprise.

Miller was the first to strike, replying to a message Sonnen posted last week concerning Alistair Overeem's failed drug test. Miller wrote on his Twitter account, "Chael berating someone on their test level is like me making fun of someone's bad haircut."

Sonnen, you might remember, tested for elevated levels of performance enhancing drugs after his loss to UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva two years ago. In classic Sonnen-fashion, the current No. 1 contender replied via his own Twitter account writing, "MayHem: Due to time constraints I am currently confining my Twitter wars to active, relevant, fighters ONLY. Buy a T-shirt on your way out."

Miller, however, wasn't done, adding, "don't worry-you're a beatdown away from obscurity. I'll be happy to beat your head in-that's if it's not still on a pike in Rio."

Sonnen is set to collide with Silva in a rematch, while Miller is slated to take on C.B. Dollaway later this year. The two fighters are not really in line to meet up anytime soon, but that could always change if this keeps up.

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