Chael Sonnen and Dan Henderson to Work Together on Next TUF?


It appears that Dan Henderson will be on the next season of The Ultimate Fighter after all. No, Henderson will not be the main coach, but he will be an assistant on Chael Sonnen's staff.

Sonnen, who is currently filming TUF against UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, told on Thursday that "Hendo" will be one of his assistant coaches.

"We're on great terms (and) we've always been on great terms," Sonnen said. "You've got to understand, what Dan and I have got is like the military. Our gym has got an order, and Dan is one of the coaches. He's above me. I don't talk back to Dan, and if Dan wants to say something, that would be the way it is."

Sonnen (28-12-1) also revealed that Henderson will be cornering him against Jones when the two square off for the UFC title in April.

The rest of the coaching staff for Sonnen will include Clayton Hires, Scott McQuary, Jamie Huey, Mike Dolce and Vinny Magalhaes. Randy Couture is also scheduled to attend several sessions.

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