Chael Sonnen is All Business Heading into UFC 148

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Chael Sonnen took a different approach to a recent conference call with UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva. While Silva turned heads with his in-your-face persona, it was Sonnen who remained calm and cool for the most part.

However, don't think that the gangster from West Linn didn't get in a few shots at his long-time nemesis. Silva and Sonnen are set to meet for a second time on July 7 from Las Vegas as UFC 148.

"I don't need anything in my life - but I have to have that belt," Sonnen said. "Everything I've done, everything I've worked for and sacrificed - everything I have in life - I would give it all away to be the UFC champion for just one night."

While "The Spider" constantly talked about planning to break Sonnen's arms and legs, and smash in his face, about the only Sonnen-like comment fired off came after discussing the importance of the bout.

"The stakes are pretty high in this one," Sonnen said. "I'm trying to hurt this guy. This is the biggest sporting event of the summer and for a reason. Tell him I got two words for him: medium-rare."

The medium-rare statement is in reference to past comments made by Sonnen when he claimed he would go to Brazil, find Silva's wife and have her cook him a steak. All of the constant family-talking and downgrading of Brazil seems to have struck a nerve with Silva as we approach the summer's hottest feud.

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