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Chael Sonnen Admits that Anderson Silva "Destroyed" Him

Chael Sonnen seemed like a different fighter after his loss to Anderson Silva for the UFC middleweight title at UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen II. That appearance might have been the real Sonnen, as UFC president Dana White found out.

White, while appearing on The Jim Rome Show, discussed a meeting he had with Sonnen in the back following the main event. What Sonnen said cleared up all the heat between the two that seemed to disappear after the fight.

"This is what Chael Sonnen said to me after the fight. He didn't say it at the press conference, but he said it to me. He said, 'I have so much respect for this guy, Dana. I've been competing in combat sports since I was seven years old. In that first round, when I was on top of him, hittin' him with those big elbows, I felt him break. I broke him in that first round. He came back in the second round and destroyed me," White said (thanks to for transcribing). "I've never seen anybody do that, ever."

Silva now owns two career victories over the man many believe was the biggest challenge to his reign as king of the middleweight. He stopped Sonnen via submission back in 2010 after being pushed around for four rounds.

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