Chael Sonnen Acknowledges that Anderson Silva is a Better Fighter


Chael Sonnen didn't complain about any pulling of the shorts or talk about what could have been a controversial knee to the face. Instead, Sonnen offered up plenty of praise for UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva after the two collided in the main event of UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen II Saturday evening.

Silva caught Sonnen with a knee that landed on his chest, though at first glance it appeared to be to the face. He finished him off with several uncontested shots, earning his 10th UFC title defense and cementing his status as the best fighter in the world.

"I think it's very important when you lose a fight that you don't say your opponent was better tonight," Sonnen said. "The better guy wins every time; the better guy won tonight."

Sonnen said some of the talk of short-pulling wasn't a factor because, "It's a two-man sport and that stuff evens itself out (over the course of a fight)." It also said it goes both ways and you can't "nitpick some of that stuff."

After scoring a takedown just seconds into the bout, Sonnen kept Silva on the mat much like the first meeting. However, he wasn't able to inflict as much punishment, and "The Spider" seemed to go to another level in the second, picking and moving to take Sonnen apart with his deadly strikes.

"I am always trying to find that good shot that will change the fight," Sonnen said. "I want to wear the guy down, make him think twice, but I wasn't able to find it."

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