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Chad Ochocinco Invites Grieving Widow to His Wedding

Chad Ochocinco is usually on the wrong end of public opinion, and understandably so. When your entire public persona is built on cockiness, boldness and a general I-don’t-give-a… attitude, that’s the sort of thing that comes with the territory.

But sometimes people forget that this is a player who, for all of his overstated faults, has consistently been one of the NFL’s truly good guys. Sure, he changes his name and talks a lot of smack, but in a league where someone is getting arrested every other weekend, he’s never been a problem in that regard. Ever.

And in case his solid trackrecord of being a legit guy hasn’t sold you on Ochocinco’s status as a good person yet, maybe what he did today will.

While going back and forth with his loyal fans on Twitter, Ochocinco came across a message from a widow who wrote this:

“I’m feeling pretty low today. Lost my hubby 2 weeks ago. Together for 30 years. Very Hard. Pray for me. Thanks…”

Well, Ochcocinco did more than just pray for this woman. As captured in a screenshot by Yahoo! Sports:

Image placeholder title

A man’s wedding is a special occurrence. It’s not (read: shouldn’t be) something that happens often. For Ochocinco to invite a woman that he doesn’t know to his special day just so that she feels better – it's a deed that says a whole lot about him as a person.

Will this shut all his critics up? No. Should it? Nope. But it does shine a bit of light on a side of Ochocinco that we don’t seem to hear much about.

A side that, hopefully, we’ll hear about more in the coming days, months and years.

(Kudos Yahoo! Sports)

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