Chad Ochocinco Invites Grieving Widow to His Wedding

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Chad Ochocinco is usually on the wrong end of public opinion, and understandably so. When your entire public persona is built on cockiness, boldness and a general I-don’t-give-a… attitude, that’s the sort of thing that comes with the territory.

But sometimes people forget that this is a player who, for all of his overstated faults, has consistently been one of the NFL’s truly good guys. Sure, he changes his name and talks a lot of smack, but in a league where someone is getting arrested every other weekend, he’s never been a problem in that regard. Ever.

And in case his solid trackrecord of being a legit guy hasn’t sold you on Ochocinco’s status as a good person yet, maybe what he did today will.

While going back and forth with his loyal fans on Twitter, Ochocinco came across a message from a widow who wrote this:

“I’m feeling pretty low today. Lost my hubby 2 weeks ago. Together for 30 years. Very Hard. Pray for me. Thanks…”

Well, Ochcocinco did more than just pray for this woman. As captured in a screenshot by Yahoo! Sports:

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A man’s wedding is a special occurrence. It’s not (read: shouldn’t be) something that happens often. For Ochocinco to invite a woman that he doesn’t know to his special day just so that she feels better – it's a deed that says a whole lot about him as a person.

Will this shut all his critics up? No. Should it? Nope. But it does shine a bit of light on a side of Ochocinco that we don’t seem to hear much about.

A side that, hopefully, we’ll hear about more in the coming days, months and years.

(Kudos Yahoo! Sports)

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