Cesar Gracie Gets Serious About Nick Diaz's Positive Test

Just as rumors sprung up that had Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit facing off in a rematch of their controversial UFC 143 battle, it was revealed that Diaz had tested positive for marijuana.

Diaz's manager and trainer Cesar Gracie recently appeared on MMAFighting's The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani to discuss his and his fighter's reactions to the positive test.

"I was very disappointed, obviously. … I saw it as it as a failure on our parts," said Gracie. "Everyone knows that he smokes marijuana medicinally in California. He's got the legal right to do it over here in this state. He usually rids his system of it by the time the test comes around and he wasn't able to do that. So, he failed. We were disappointed."

Gracie revealed that Diaz wasn't expecting to return a positive test result and that it may have come about as a result of his weight cut.

"He was actually surprised he tested positive, to be honest with you," he said. "He does the same ritual every fight for the last five years. He stops it about the same time and he cleanses his system. I mean, he just works out like crazy, sweats everything out. He drinks a lot of water and he purges his system of it. … He doesn't take the over the counter stuff because it's got artificial flavors and colors in it and he doesn't think it's healthy; it's kind of a weird mentality. … I did talk to a doctor about it and they said sometimes with weight cuts, what'll happen is the actual marijuana stays in your fat, I guess it stores in there, the THC."

Diaz hasn't been handed down a punishment by the Nevada State Athletic Commission yet; when he turned in his first positive test for marijuana in Nevada back in 2007, he was fined and suspended for six months.

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