Celtics Statistical Leaders By Decade

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    The 1950's:

    Win Shares: Bill Sharman (75.5)

    Points: Bob Cousy (12,321)

    Rebounds: Bill Russell (5,897)

    Assists: Bob Cousy (4,918)

    Steals: n/a

    The 1960's:

    Win Shares: Bill Russell (119.2)

    Points: Sam Jones (13,512)

    Rebounds: Bill Russell (15,723)

    Assists: Bill Russell (3,311)

    Steals: n/a

    The 1970's:

    Win Shares: Dave Cowens (83.7)

    Points: John Havlicek (13,787)

    Rebounds: Dave Cowens (10,170)

    Assists: John Havlicek (3,735)

    Steals: Dave Cowens (569)

      The 1980's:

      Win Shares: Larry Bird (122.5)

      Points:Larry Bird (17,974)

      Rebounds: Robert Parish (8,208)

      Assists: Larry Bird (4,588)

      Steals: Larry Bird (1,263)

      The 1990's:

      Win Shares: Robert Parish, Dee Brown (28.2)

      Points: Antoine Walker (5,739)

      Rebounds: Robert Parish (2,843)

      Assists: Dee Brown (1,883)

      Steals: Dee Brown (675)

      The 2000's:

      Win Shares: Paul Pierce (99.5)

      Points: Paul Pierce (17,681)

      Rebounds: Paul Pierce (4,712)

      Assists: Paul Pierce (3,765)

      Steals: Paul Pierce (1,115)


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