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Video: Celtics Pierce Hits Game Winning Shot, Nate Robinson Falls

The Daily Heat has seen a lot of weird basketball stuff. At this point, we generally just shrug it off and move to the next LeBron story.

However, this celebration that came after Paul Pierce hit the game-winning shot against the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden tonight even had us scratching our heads.

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Look, we get it. Pierce is happy. Nate Robinson, heck, he’s so happy he’s hopping over people. But why does Pierce completely ignore the fact that his boy just left an imprint of his face on the hardwood? Is he so ecstatic about his team’s 11-game winning streak that he’s oblivious to his surroundings? Is Robinson so ridiculously small that Pierce never even saw him?

Whatever the explanation is, one thing is for certain – this is one video we won’t get tired of re-watching anytime soon.

Check the clip out HERE.


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