Celtics Kevin Garnett is Still an Annoying Little Punk


Let’s not kid ourselves, Boston Celtics power forward Kevin Garnett has always been a loser.

He was a joke on the Minnesota Timberwolves when he proved he wasn’t capable of making that team a championship contender like Tim Duncan did with two different sets of rosters on the San Antonio Spurs (they played the same position, same conference).

He was a jerk when he opted to bully various point guards and shooting guards in the league over the past few seasons, all the while cowering when someone his own size stepped up to him.

And he has officially crossed the line into complete and utter idiocy with his latest antics involving Detroit Pistons forward, Charlie Villanueva.

On Tuesday night, during the Celtics’ beat down of the hapless Detroit Pistons, here is what Garnett did:

We at The Daily Heat are fans of trash talking. But, there are certain lines that folks should not cross, and Garnett crossed one of those lines.

Villanueva actually suffers from alopecia universalis, a skin disease which results in the loss of hair. So essentially, the big, lanky deformed clown in Boston was confusing one very difficult illness with a horrifying one.

If Garnett hadn’t skipped college he might’ve... 

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