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Celtics in "Must-Win" Situation? Actually, Yes

The other day, I gave the Utah Jazz the kiss of death. I said they needed to win Game 2 against the Los Angeles Lakers, and they immediately went out and lost. To me, there’s no doubt that game was a must win for them, because to think they can win 4 out of 5 games against the Los Angeles Lakers is ludicrous.

I have another ultimatum for a team most would not consider to be in a “must-win” situation. However, the Boston Celtics are in a must-win scenario, and not just in Game 3, but for Game 4 as well.

Trying not to dismiss what the Boston Celtics did to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday night, the Celtics are still the underdogs in this series. That’s not to say they cannot win this series or that they somehow got lucky in Game 2, but if they are going to win this series, it will be because they won it a certain way.

Let’s not forget, the Celtics did get “punked” in the fourth quarter of Game 1, they nearly got “punked” in the fourth quarter Game 2, and dating back to the Cavs-Celtics battle on Easter Sunday, the Celtics nearly got “punked” in that fourth quarter. All of that tells me that the Cleveland Cavaliers don’t play good basketball against the Celtics unless they turn up the pressure on the C’s. Even the notoriously bad offensive-mind of Coach Mike Brown should have that figured out by now, and I expect the Cavaliers to play a lot more like they have played in the fourth quarter for the rest of this series.

Knowing that, the Celtics have to defend their home court. With all due respect to the Celtics, giving up the home court advantage they stole in Game 2 would be devastating. While the C’s are very capable of winning another game in Cleveland, I don’t foresee these aging veterans coming up with a Game 5 win in Cleveland, in what would amount to the Celtics third game in 5 days. Their age has been too much of a factor all season long, and a stretch of games like that, absent of the emotion of their home court, might do them in.

So if the Celtics want to win this series, Games 3 and 4 are pivotal. Of course, if the Celtics win Game 3 at home and enter Game 4 with the potential to go up 3 games to 1, everybody and their momma will tell you that the Cavaliers are in a must-win situation.

But I am sticking to my guns now, and I will stick to my guns then.

The only way the Celtics are winning this series is if they win both of these home games. Because the Celtics are not winning Game 5 on the road, and I can’t be the only one that does not like their chances in a Game 7 in Cleveland, Ohio.

[[This article originally appeared on thesportswatchers]]


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