Patriots Rooting for Celtics During NBA Playoffs


I always think it's cool when the local pro athletes I root for are invested in the same teams I am.

I like how Big Papi is friends with the guys on the Celtics and how Terry Francona and Doc Rivers are good friends.

There was also the story I wrote awhile ago on how much the Patriots' Wes Welker helped and inspired Kendrick Perkins in coming back from knee surgery.

So, when ESPNBoston's Patriots reporter, Mike Reiss, had a little blog post about some Patriots players' support of the Boston teams, I thought it was pretty cool.

Pats tight end Rob Gronkowski attended Game 4 of Miami-Boston, saying, "The atmosphere was off the charts. It was insane.

“The fans are all great; it’s crazy here. They support you no matter what. It’s a lot of fun going to every game, watching them. It gets another feeling out of you, going to a game, getting excited for another team. It’s cool.”

Meanwhile, cornerback Leigh Bodden tweeted how mad he'll be if the Celtics lose to Miami tonight, saying, "I tell u what if the Celtics don't win tonight y'all might see me on sportscenter for smacking the sh¡ outta somebody."

Bodden also had some anti-Laker tweets during their Game 4 loss to Dallas and Patriots safety Jarrad Page got in on the fun as well.

"Now u can c why I hate the Lakers," Page tweeted. "Sorry ass losers. Kobe the only one out there acting like a champ. Not a Kobe fan but respect his game"

So it's kind of cool to see some of the athletes you root in one sport right there with you when you root for another team in a different sport.


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