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Celtics Garnett Apologizes to Nuggets Karl for Cancer Comments

Maybe Kevin Garnett isn’t as big of a punk as we previously thought.

When the Boston Celtics forward made headlines a month ago for calling Detroit Pistons forward Charlie Villanueva a “cancer patient,” The Daily Heat and everyone else in the world who possesses a soul criticized him for it.

Villanueva, of course, suffers from Alopecia, which results in the loss of hair and can be a very troublesome and traumatic disease for those who have it.

Shortly after making the comments, Garnett tried to weasel out of his idiotic insult with an even dumber excuse – saying that what he really told Villanueva was that he was cancerous to his team and the league. Needless to say, nobody besides the fool that fed Garnett that line actually believed that defense would work.

On Wednesday night, though, Garnett finally manned up and did what he should have done with Villanueva from the beginning – he apologized.

Only his apology didn’t go to the Pistons forward. Rather, it went to...

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