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Celtics: We Don't Care About LeBron, Heat and Hoopla

It’s the Miami Heat’s village and we’re all just renting space, apparently.

Theoretically, the media mavens attending Boston Celtics training camp should be inquiring about the Celtics’ hopes and dreams for the upcoming season.

Things like: Will the Celtics ever admit they blew a 13-point lead in the second half of Game 7 of the NBA Finals? Will Paul Pierce again use a wheelchair to exit a game then make yet another "miraculous" comeback?

Instead, as has been the case with other Eastern Conference contenders already, talk quickly turned to the sun-soaked block party down in South Beach.

Unlike the Orlando Magic, however, the Celtics didn’t take offense to the press hyping up the on-paper champs, who haven’t won anything yet. The NBA runner-ups didn’t even seem to care about who got the most press clippings this summer out of the Eastern Conference. Rather, they embraced their familiar “under the radar” role, and coach Doc Rivers even defended his newly crowned rivals.

"I think they've gotten a lot of criticism that they didn't deserve," Celtics coach Doc Rivers said Wednesday. "I really do. I don't understand it. LeBron did everything legal, right? He waited it out until the end, and then he could be a free agent. It didn't bother me. I guess I'm an old-school guy, but it really didn't bother me. It bothered a lot of people, though. For whatever reason, it did."

That’s certainly big of Doc considering how others in the league have reacted to the Heat essentially giving themselves an NBA Live 2K11 roster.

Rivers wasn’t alone in taking the high road, though. Celtics...

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