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Cavs Prepare “Chant Sheet” for Heat’s Visit, LeBron’s Return

Well, this is definitely shaping up to be an interesting week for LeBron James, Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers. With James making his not-so-triumphant return to a city he essentially left for a better, more interesting city – many folks are expecting full-scale riots when the “King” comes home.

How are Cavaliers fans preparing for their old hero’s visit? By creating an old-fashioned college-like "chant sheet," apparently.

Instead of booing James with no mercy, fans will attempt to get creative with their incessant heckling. The Daily Heat likes creativity. So we're down with the Chant Sheet.

For example, during the introductions the fans will attempt to laugh when James’ name is said on the loudspeaker. Throughout the game, fans will chant things like “Akron Hates You,” “Witnessed Nothing” and “Side Kick” amongst other creative taunts.

Quicken Loans will also have extra security on deck in case some of the dumber Cavaliers fans try to get violent or throw something onto the court at James.

Check out the full chant list HERE.


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