Cavaliers Coach Byron Scott Likes Swastika Ties

Look, we don’t try to bash the Cleveland Cavaliers here. But it’s just too easy at this point. (Did you see Cavs owner Dan Gilbert calling LeBron James an **shole on Twitter the other day?) Seriously, Cleveland content just writes itself.

First their (sort of) homegrown messiah takes his talents and third person references to South Beach. Keep in mind, this is a kid who grew up in Ohio, skipped college and magically entered the NBA Draft the very same year he Cavs had the No. 1 overall pick in the draft.

The only way this team will ever see this caliber of player again is if they rent a fleet of U-Hauls and follow their soon-to-be-former Cavaliers beat writer all the way to Miami.

Then, in one of the worst reactions ever, the aforementioned Gilbert writes a brutally angry letter where he hilariously claims his depleted team (which may reach six wins next year) will win an NBA title before Miami Heat. Sorry Dan Gilbert, your word means about as much as it did when you were once handing out home loans like See's Candies gives out free chocolate samples.

And now, with a new season upon them and an NBA championship promise on the line, the only thing anyone wants to talk about relating to the squad is head coach Byron Scott's unfortunate wardrobe at the team’s media day last week. If his on-court decisions are anything like his questionable tie choices, it will be one long season.

Check out Scott's tie in the picture below...

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