College Basketball Analysis: Kentucky Comes Up Short vs. Alabama

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All I can say is this, I hope Big Blue Nation comes out in full for our SEC and NCAA tournament games because this team has some major issues with playing in front of hostile crowds.

What a nerve wracking game. I’d almost rather get blown out then have that glimmer of hope at the end of a game. I guess on the positive side of things, the guys know what it’s like to lose a close one. Hopefully they don’t do it again.

I don’t know why it takes so long for the Cats to find their rhythm outside of Rupp. The game was very similar to the Georgia game except Alabama started missing their shots toward then end to allow us to crawl back into it. We struggle on the perimeter early and we give up easy baskets to put ourselves in a huge hole.

Bama lit up the first half with what I like to call ‘upset’ shots. Those are the kind of shots that a team never hits outside of a ridiculous upset bid against a top opponent. The most obvious example was the Tide’s 7-14 shooting from the three point line. Prior to this game they had hit 73 three pointers on the year in 17 contests. That’s 4 per game, and even better, they only shot those at a 30 percent clip.

For the first 30 minutes Bama outplayed and outperformed the Cats so this loss wasn’t unexpected but it hurts nonetheless.

Josh’s post-Louisville honeymoon is over. He missed too many easy shots around the basket, including a dunk, and was simply outworked on defense. We aren’t going to have Enes this year and Eloy came in and ran like dog food in the Derby. Josh needs to step up in a huge way and he hasn’t done it in conference play.

I think Eloy may be the worst basketball player ever to live and that sounds like hyperbole but watching the two minutes of basketball he played tonight convinced me of it. I’d rather see Jarrod Polson shoot it from the other team’s free throw line every possession than watch Eloy flounder like one of those crazy-arm blow up figures outside of car dealerships. Eloy Vargas is so bad, he makes me excited to see Jon Hood come in.

I’m tired of watching Terrence pout too. He finally found a mean streak during the last ten minutes but I want to see him step on the court at tip off with that DeMarcus Cousins scowl and the mentality that if he has to kill someone during the course of the game, then he wouldn’t think twice about it. Let the guards maintain their composure. I want my big men mean and hungry.

DeAndre played well and actively attacked the gaps of the zone while playing good defense to boot. I wish there was more of that.

I have no idea what happened on that last Knight to Lamb hand off but it was ugly. For my money on that last play, Knight could have just stepped inside the half court line and thrown up a three. Keep it in the hands of the clutch players.

This one just hurts. We’re 2-2 in conference play now which is frankly disgusting considering the state of the SEC and we’ve yet to prove that we can win on the road. We go to South Carolina next and it’s going to be the closest thing to a must win that we’ve had all year. This team needs some swagger and until we can win away from home I don’t see us finding any.


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