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2011 NFL Draft: Castonzo to Colts

With the 22nd pick, the Colts took offensive tackle Anthony Castonzo from Boston College.

Our own Joe Baker nailed that particular pick in his mock draft.

My instant analysis is that Castonzo was the best of the likely options the Colts were facing along the O-line. Rumor has it that they had him ranked higher than Solder who the Pats took at 17. He's a wicked smart player and a strong pass blocker.  All Colts fans are expecting him to start at one of the tackle spots from day one.

I'm disappointed, not by the player, but only because I value other positions more than offensive line.  I still think the Colts have needs at DT and Safety, but those will have be addressed later in the draft. There simply wasn't a player available at 22 at those positions worthy of a selection.

Castanzo is a safe pick and a smart pick.  He will likely get too much credit for what is bound to be an improved offense. Of course, the Colts offense was likely to improve just because of getting Collie and Clark back.

The big beneficiary of better blocking will be Don Brown who has been crushed behind a truly horrid line for two years.  I still believe Brown can become a top flight player, but without a line upgrade, we'd never know for sure.


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