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Cashman: Yankees 'Not Playing Good Baseball'

Here's some quotes from Cash via Peter Botte:

"We're just not playing good baseball right now and when you're playing professional teams you have a chance to lose a number of games," Cashman said Monday. "I think it's just been a number of different things right now going wrong all at once.

"Our starting pitching out of the gate, for the month of April, was terrific. The last two turns, they haven't been as good, and coinciding with a number of injuries and some guys not hitting that are healthy, it's a lot of different things adding up to us not playing as well as we can play... . April went really well for us, but May obviously hasn't been as kind."

"Am I concerned about (Teixeira)? No. Do we need to get him going, along with other guys? Yeah," Cashman said. "He'll hit, it's just that he's obviously fighting through it right now. That's the ebb and flow of the game. He'll find himself, and when he does, he'll take off."

Sweeny Murti wrote this article yesterday telling fan why we shouldn't lose our minds over a bad few weeks:

Don’t hit the panic button just yet. I know the Yankees just went 2-5 against the Red Sox, Rays, and Mets, but please stop acting as if the Yanks are in a tailspin from which they can’t recover.

The Yankees will get Granderson back later this week and Posada in as little as two weeks. And starting Friday the Yankees begin a 16-game stretch in which they play Cleveland, Baltimore, and Houston (the teams with the three worst records in baseball) 13 times. And when they start beating up on the cellar dwellers all will be right in Yankee Universe again.

I’m not ignoring everything that’s gone on the last few weeks. I just know there were many panic-button moments last year for this team as well, but the talent was there to right the ship. The Yankees could lose at least 50 more games the rest of the way and still make the playoffs. Let’s not call 911 after every single one.

Reading the part where he says, "I just know there were many panic-button moments last year for this team as well," got me thinking about last year, and he was right.

At this point last year they were 25-19, a game off this year's pace, and that was before a stretch that saw them lose 9 of 13 in against the Red Sox, Mets, Nationals, Marlins, and Braves. If you remember, Brian Cashman flew down to Atlanta to meet with the team and then the next night Joe Girardi got ejected from the game, Francisco Cervelli hit a big home run, and things started to turned around for the team.

The key for this team is stay close to the Rays in the standing while they wait for their injured players to return. (Finding a formula for that bullpen wouldn't hurt either.) You don't want to look up at the standings in June and be ten games out, but if they can remain within striking distance and get healthy they should be OK.

The season is far too long to be down about the team after a few rough weeks in May. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

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