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NBA: Carmelo Anthony to Re-Sign with Nuggets?

Look, we mentioned before that this story is really starting to irritate us and now it’s getting worse. There have been so many rumors and reports about Carmelo Anthony and will he be traded to the Lakers or will he be traded to the Nets or will he only sign an extension with the Knicks and blah blah blah. Sick of it. He’s really becoming a black Brett Favre, except he’s annoying us with trade speculation, not retirement talk.

So, according to Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports, Carmelo could end up just taking an extension with the Denver Nuggets if he’s not moved by the traded deadline (we mean that as in “not traded.” We don’t mean that he gets all emotional at the deadline).

“@carmeloanthony said after shootaround he would “take a real hard look at” signing extension w/Nuggets if not dealt by trade deadline,” Spears tweets.

We wonder if the deal would be the three-year, $65 million extension that the Nuggets have had on the table the whole time. If he isn’t traded this season, we really think he’d be a fool not to take that deal, especially with possible labor uncertainty on the horizon for the NBA.

We just want someone in this whole situation to MAKE A GODDAMNED DECISION. Tired of writing up these stupid rumors.


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