Carmelo Anthony: I Won't be Like Heat's Chris Bosh

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Everybody really does hate Chris.

Speaking with the New York Post recently, Denver Nuggets forward (and usually a prima donna in his own right) Carmelo Anthony said that he wanted to be compared to LeBron James when he becomes a free agent this summer.

Fair enough, that’s not really news (just as long as there isn't a Decision 2011 Edition). There are a lot of players in the NBA who wouldn’t mind being compared to the guy that gets more (undeserved) press than any other baller in the league.

The interesting portion of the interview, though, when Anthony explicitly came out and said he didn’t want to be compared to Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh.

The lines of communication already had been connected almost immediately after the exaggerated trade report surfaced. Ever since the "news" hit the doorstep, [personnel bosses Josh] Kroenke and [Masai] Ujiri have sought out Anthony for opinions on team matters, just as he's gone to them with suggestions.

Both sides now know exactly what must be done. He wants to see the team improved within the next three months, or shown a plausible plan to get better this summer. He promises not to leave his team hanging.

"I'm not Chris Bosh," Anthony declared. "We're not the same person. What I do will be straight up. Management knows that."

Well that certainly doesn’t leave a lot of wiggle room.

Of course, Bosh being...

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