Carmelo Anthony and Denver Nuggets Close to Parting Ways?


According to ESPN’s Ric Bucher (and you know he’s never wrong), Carmelo Anthony and the Denver Nuggets will soon part ways. Bucher reports that his sources in the league say it’s a matter of “when, not if” Anthony will leave the team that drafted him out of Syracuse in 2003.

After LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh put an end to the circus act that was “Free Agency 2010,” Anthony became the new topic of interest when he seemed to pause at the idea of signing a $65 million extension offered by the Nuggets.

Apparently, Anthony was not sure the Nuggets offered him the best opportunities out of all possible options. Further, he reportedly believes that he could convince Denver to sign and trade him, or that he could just not sign the offered extension and force the team to trade him or face losing him for nothing next summer.

While appearing at his annual basketball camp this past Saturday, Anthony said he had no timetable in place for when he’ll decide on the Nuggets’ extension.

It’s also being reported that Nuggets owner Stan Kroenke realized he and Anthony would likely have to part ways after several of the toasts at Anthony’s wedding suggested him joining another squad. This was practically spelled out when Hornets guard Chris Paul made a toast that he, Anthony and Amare Stoudemire should meet on the New York Knicks to form “a new ‘Big Three.’” When Kroenke rose to make his own toast, he playfully suggested that Paul could simply come to the Nuggets. However, all he got was an awkward silence and no response from Paul.

The real question now becomes: Does Anthony really have a better chance of winning a title in New York with Stoudemire, and maybe Paul, than he does in Denver? The Miami Heat has that conference locked up for the next six years (we've been told). It would seem like Anthony would be better off recruiting stars to Denver and waiting for the Lakers to finally fall off.

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