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Would Carmelo Anthony and Tony Parker Join Amare in New York?

Free agent big man Amare Stoudemire is in New York this weekend to talk about basketball and money with the New York Knicks. It’s expected that he’ll sign a deal with the team soon.

But what’s interesting are his comments about Denver Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony and San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker. According to Stoudemire, if he signs with the Knicks, those two are prepared to join him.

I’ve talked to Carmelo Anthony that he needs to come out here,” Stoudemire said. “I’ve talked to Tony Parker. Both guys are ready to join me if I decide to come here. So we will see if we can work it out.”

There have been talks of the Knicks trading for Parker, but who knows if that’s even feasible. Anthony is under contract with the Nuggets, but can opt out. Who knows if opting out would yield him more money with the Knicks.

Meanwhile, Stoudemire’s agent, Happy Walters, is optimistic that they can seal the deal today in NYC.

“Yes, I mean we are here aren’t we?,” he said. “Hopefully it goes well (Monday). We are here in New York, aren’t we?”

Stoudemire sounds ready to sign on the dotted line too.

“It’s one of the most historic franchises in NBA history,” he said. “It’s a beautiful city. Madison Square Garden is definitely one of the most intriguing places to play. So they definitely have a few great points on their side.”


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