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Carlos Zambrano and Ozzie Guillen in Miami? Thank You, God

If you read me at all you know that I am a huge Ozzie Guillen fan. As I like to say, “he’s a Latin Casey Stengel!” So when word started making the rounds that Carlos Zambrano might be teaming up with Guillen in Miami, my first thought was what an awesome media sensation the Miami Marlins would be to cover. The Marlins clubhouse would be a circus on steroids and a virtual media covering dream team.

Remember last August 12th, when Zambrano gave up five HRs to the Atlanta Braves, then threw at Chipper Jones and was ejected? If you recall, Zambrano simply walked off the mound as if he anticipated the ejection, cleaned out his locker, packed up his belongings and left, reportedly telling those in the Chicago Cubs clubhouse that he was retiring.

As it turns out, Big-Z apparently didn’t realize that retiring required that he give up $18 million per year and he didn’t want to do that, but when you flap your lips before you think, that’s the kind of thing that happens. In the end, the Cubs placed on the disqualified list and he did not pitch again for Chicago the rest of the way.

Zambrano still wants to pitch, either that or he just wants $18 million per year for doing it. Never the less he’s currently trying to prove himself by pitching for Caribes in the Venezuelan Winter League. Does Big-Z still have the ability to pitch? You have to think that as a fifth starter behind Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle, Anibal Sanchez, Ricky Nolasco he does (pretty darn good deep staff by the way if Johnson is healthy).

Reports are that Miami would be giving up 25-year old Chris Volstad to get him which doesn’t appear to be a big deal, but the Marlins would also be picking up somewhere between  $15-$16 million of the $18 million that Zambrano is owed for 2012. That’s a lot of Arepa! I know the Marlins want to open their new stadium with a Latin bang, but paying $15-$16 million for your fifth starter is loco!

All I know is that I hope Zambrano goes to the Marlins because I want to be in the clubhouse to listen to listen to both Carlos and Ozzie after a game when Guillen has to go out and pull Big-Z with an 7-5 lead after 4 2/3 innings because he’s getting shellacked. I want to be there to hear Zambrano vent about not being allowed to get one more out to record the win. I want to be there when the Latin Casey Stengel explains his logic about why he pulled Zambrano like only Ozzie Guillen can. I don’t know if this is good for the Marlins, but it’s good for MLB, and it’s good for me….

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