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Carlos Condit Still Wants to Fight Georges St-Pierre

It's now been over a month since Carlos Condit controversially defeated Nick Diaz at UFC 143 to claim the UFC interim welterweight title, and it looks like The Natural Born Killer has made up his mind on what he intends to do with the belt.

With the title locking him into a long sought-after title shot against true champion Georges St-Pierre -- who's sidelining by knee injury created the opening for an interim champ -- Condit isn't too keen on defending the belt before GSP makes his return.

"Well, the bottom line is: I have my heart set on fighting Georges St-Pierre," Condit said while on Inside MMA recently. "If Georges is back this year, even if it's later, if it's November -- which is kind of what's being thrown out there -- I'm waiting for Georges and that would be my next opponent.

"If perhaps he's not ready to fight this year, if he's not ready to fight until 2013, I will entertain the idea of taking on somebody else."

Check out the video below.

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