Carlos Condit Gets Real About Nick Diaz Fight

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When it was announced that two of the most exciting welterweight fighters in the world, Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit, would be squaring off in a bout to determine the interim welterweight champion, the MMA world expected a classic, rollicking battle.

What they got was a methodical and measured performance by Condit, one which made Diaz feel no pressure to really dig in his heels and pin The Natural Born Killer down. What resulted was a controversial unanimous decision rendered in Condit's favor, which he's still hearing about today. Speaking with, Condit admitted that the fight didn't play out much like what anyone anticipated, but that he's still happy with his performance.

"I don't think it was the war that everybody was expecting or even that me or Nick was expecting," said Condit. "But it was an entertaining fight and I proved to myself that I can really stick to a gameplan and a strategy. In the past, I've gone in there with a strategy and once punches were thrown, I abandoned all that and kinda threw down. This fight showed me that I've matured as a fighter with experience."

Condit also let it be known that he thinks it's a little off that so many people would so loudly criticize his performance in consideration of the rest of his career.

"Not every single fight is gonna be (a war)," said Condit. "I've had 30 fights in my career that were knock down, drag out fights, and if they weren't, they were brutal knockouts. And the one time that it isn't, people are a little upset."

Currently holding the interim welterweight belt, it's expected that Condit will wait on the sidelines while true UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre recovers from knee surgery.

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