Boxing Round-by-Round Recap, Analysis: Carl Froch vs. Glen Johnson


By Nick Tywalk

The semifinals of the Super Six World Boxing Classic conclude tonight in Atlantic City as Carl Froch puts his WBC super middleweight title on the line against accomplished veteran Glen Johnson.

The winner moves on to face Andre Ward later this year to decide who wins the whole thing.

Fittingly, Ward is on hand to join the usual Showtime announce crew of Gus Johnson, Al Bernstein and Antonio Tarver.

Johnson comes to the ring first wearing a "305" hard hat and sporting a Miami Heat track jacket. Known as both the Gentleman and the Road Warrior, Johnson is 51-14-2 in his long career, which includes wins over Tarver and Roy Jones.

Froch gets a mixed reaction of boos and cheers as he walks out second. The Cobra is 27-1 with 20 KOs, with his lone loss coming to Mikkel Kessler earlier in the tournament.

The tale of the tape shows that Froch is two inches taller, and he also weighed in slightly heavier. Of course the biggest difference between the men is in age: Froch is 33, Johnson is 42.

Classy Jimmy Lennon Jr. introduces the fighters and referee Earl Brown. One of the judges is the well known John Stewart (not the Green Lantern though). The introductions are out of the way, and we are set for a scheduled 12 rounds of super middleweight action.

Round 1

Johnson comes forward, but not recklessly. Bernstein and Tarver discuss how big the ring is. Froch has his hands low while he jabs. Johnson sticks his jab in as well. Froch misses several shots and backs away from Johnson's return fire. Both men are mostly jabbing. There's a right from Glen. Froch lands his jab again. Tough round to score with nothing really big landing either way.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Froch

Round 2

Froch pounds his gloves together. Johnson tries to hop in. Froch keeps his distance behind his jab. Johnson goes to the body. Froch works a hook and returns to his jab. There's an attempted combo by The Cobra, but Johnson lands to the body and head in response. Johnson feints his way into the corner and pounds Froch a couple of times before getting held. Froch loops a right hand and a left hook to the body. Another tight round.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Froch

Round 3

Johnson seemed to be getting excellent advice in his corner. Johnson lands several stiff jabs, forcing Froch to use a left hook to drive him back. Carl is moving all over the ring while jabbing. Froch gets in a right hand but he's really scrambling to avoid the pressure. Johnson lands a stiff right hand that gets The Cobra's attention. Froch paws with jabs but can't keep Johnson off of him. Froch flurries but Johnson covers up. Glen goes to the body and is quickly tied up. Both men jab, and Johnson lands a nice left hook. Froch responds with one of his own right before the bell.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Johnson

Round 4

Froch's corner didn't like the fact that he allowed Johnson to be busier. Both men open up with plenty of jabs. Johnson just misses a big right. Right to the body by Johnson. More jabs being landed in both directions. Froch goes to the body before slipping away. The Cobra gets the best of a brief exchange. The ref warns Froch about hitting behind the head on the clinch. There's a left hook by Froch. He follows with rights to the body and head.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Froch

Round 5

This is the busiest I've seen Froch in the Super Six, but it's mostly jabs. He does land a nice right hand as a counter. Johnson lands a right to the head and one to the body that makes Froch circle away. Johnson leans on Froch and is tied up. Johnson keeps stalking and is able to land two punches in close. Froch lets his hands go with a three-punch combo upstairs. Froch digs with a right hand and an uppercut though he does take some punishment in return.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Froch

Round 6

Johnson lands jabs and a clubbing right, but Froch stays calm and keeps throwing. Froch hooks with both hands while Johnson tries to unload to the body. Johnson sneaks in a straight right, but Froch comes right back with a left hook. Froch throws a three-punch combination and steps back. Both men land in the center of the ring. Froch backs up Johnson with a right cross. There's a stiff right by Johnson but Froch takes it well.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Froch

Round 7

Bernstein thinks Johnson looks tired. Froch is beating him to the punch in almost every exchange. Johnson keeps stalking as Froch uses every part of the big ring. Froch lands a right, but Johnson comes right back with two right hands of his own. Froch tries to keep Johnson back with sheer volume. Johnson stays right in Froch's face. Johnson goes to the body but takes two back upstairs. Wicked body shot by Johnson. Overhand right by Glen as Froch tries to counter. More body work by Johnson before the bell.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Johnson

Round 8

Froch returns to trying to stick and move. Here come flurries from both fighters. Froch got the better of that exchange. Johnson is warned for a very low left hand. Froch fires a straight right and follows with a flurry to the head. Left hook by Johnson is followed by a big right hand. Froch flurries to try to catch his breath. Johnson lands to the body and head. Froch hooks with both hands as the fans roar. Johnson lands a nasty hook. Both men take a breather to jab.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Johnson

Round 9

Froch was a little slow off his stool but he is still moving well. As usual, the action starts with jabs both ways. Johnson just misses an overhand right. He does land to the body and smacks Froch's head from close range. Froch throws hooks with both hands. He lands a left hook that buys him some space. Johnson goes to the body with both hands, but Froch is landing with both hands upstairs. Three in a row from Froch. Johnson covers up to block multiple punches.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Froch

Round 10

Johnson lands a right and misses a big uppercut. Froch starts throwing power shots with both hands. Johnson comes over the top with a solid right, but Froch simply digs in and throws return shots with both hands. Froch's chin is extremely impressive. Another right lands for Johnson. Froch flurries to the head and body. He lands a sharp left that snaps Johnson's head back. Froch stays aggressive for the final 10 seconds.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Froch

Round 11

Froch knocks Johnson off balance with a two-punch combo. He is staying light on his feet while Johnson stalks. Clubbing right by Johnson in the corner. Both men land during an exchange along the ropes. Froch barely stays out of range before throwing a left-right combo. Short left hook by Johnson, but Froch keeps coming, shaking off two more rights.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Johnson

Round 12

Quite the battle as we head into the final frame. Johnson is likely going to need a last second KO to win. Froch stays calm behind multiple jabs. Johnson tries the body. Froch hooks to the head with both hands. He backs up a step and does it again. Nice uppercut by Froch before they clinch. There's another one, though Johnson keeps coming. Johnson fires a right as Froch waves him in. Froch stays busy down the stretch, and he should have this one won as we head to the scorecards.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Froch

Tylwalk: 116-112 Froch

The judges score it 114-114 and 117-111 and 116-112 for Froch. The winner by majority decision... and still WBC super middleweight titleholder... Carl "The Cobra" Froch.

Froch gives Johnson a lot of credit for being strong and tough. He said he felt some of the right hands but has a very good chin and was never really hurt.

Johnson said he thought he was in it but tried to pick it up because his corner told him he was falling behind. Glen thinks that threw him off his game plan a bit as he was looking too much for big single shots. Jim Gray asks if having to cut weight affected his ability to have enough power, but Johnson doesn't think so.

Asked if he was going to keep fighting, Johnson turns the question around on Gray and wonders rhetorically if he should keep fighting. Gray says yes.

Ward and Froch shake hands, and Ward congratulates The Cobra on his win. Ward thinks Froch got hit by some shots he didn't need to take, but he gives Carl props for battling back every time he got hit.

Froch thinks he has the plan to beat Ward, but he also knows Andre feels he is going to win. The Cobra says it's going to be a fantastic fight and something that speaks highly of the sport of boxing. 

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