NFL Analysis: Plaxico Burress Considering Coming Back to Giants?


Filling in for Boomer Easiason on the Boomer & Carton show, current New York Giants radio broadcaster and former First Team All-Pro Giants linebacker Carl Banks had some comments about Plaxico Burress Thursday morning. Carl thinks that Burress is in fact a good guy, and Banks said he thinks the Giants should, and will take a serious look at what Plaxico has to offer.

“I think the Giants will kick the tires and by the way, that may be the best fit for them,” said Banks. “I would be shocked if they did not kick the tires,” he added.

Carl also spoke up about the possibility of Burress going to the most prominent rumored team for his services, the Philadelphia Eagles, a place where Burress’ close friend, Giants running back Brandon Jacobs has gone on record as stating Burress would like to go.

“You hear all this talk about the Eagles, is he going to be the third or fourth receiver there? No, he’ll never settle for being the third or fourth receiver.”

The audio segment lasts 7:50 and the Banks/Plaxico comments start about the 1:00 minute mark and run the duration. You can listen to the audio here.

This isn’t the first time Carl Banks has weighed in with what many consider controversial comments regarding current NFL players and issues. Last September after the NFL moved the umpire from the defensive linebacker area to behind the quarterback, Banks slammed Peyton Manning saying, that Peyton Manning made a mockery of having the umpire behind the line of scrimmage to prove his point.

“In the last nationally televised preseason game, everything was pre-scripted to highlight and magnify the uselessness of having a guy there and how he impedes their progress.”

You can listen to that audio here. (Fast forward to the 17:00 minute mark)

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