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Cardinals Yadier Molina is a Joke, Goes Crazy on Umpire

The ridiculous way that players and managers are allowed to go after umpires has always been one of baseball’s low points. For a sport with so much history and all of these unique unwritten rules on how to do things the right way, it’s amazing that these roid-raging clowns continue to get a pass as they berate and verbally attack the officials that maintain order in their sport.

Anyone who doesn’t share this equally negative sentiment in regards to shouting and spitting at umpires should check out this video from the 10th inning of Tuesday night’s St. Louis Cardinals v. Milwaukee Brewers game. After a third strike that Yadier Molina disagreed with, the furious catcher temporarily went insane and completely went off on umpire Rob Drake. What ensued was yelling, spitting, yelling, spitting and more yelling. It was a disgusting display on all counts.

Molina will undoubtedly be punished for his stupidity, but the bigger question here is why has baseball fostered this culture of it being okay to behave so immaturely towards the game’s officials? Surely somewhere in between failing to rid the sport of steroids and drawing less viewers, Bug Selig could have found a way make his players respect umps a tad bit more.

Video of Molina doing something dumb available below.


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