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Cardinals Don't Need Alex Smith

Alex Smith is a good quarterback, but he is not a good fit in Arizona. Cardinals brass are rumoured to have interest in the league’s best game manager, which has me wondering if they haven’t learned from their most recent quarterback related mistake. In case you were wondering, yes Kevin Kolb is who I’m talking about.

The 49ers are rumoured to be looking to trade Smith now rather than release him. Giving up draft picks and or roster player’s for a player that many consider only capable of not losing games, just doesn’t make a lot of sense. The Cardinals need to get younger at quarterback and start to build for the future. Not cling to the idea that they are ready to compete now. They clearly aren’t.

With a cap hit of nearly ten million for next season, bringing Alex Smith on board doesn’t even make sense from a financial standpoint either. They don’t have the cap space for him and would have to jump through hoops to make the space.

What the Cardinals need to do is stop trying to find quick fixes at quarterback. They need to make like every other competitive franchise and build through the draft. At this stage in his career Alex Smith is not a franchise quarterback and he is not going to save the franchise. There are plenty of cheaper options in free agency that could yield similar results. Will the Cardinals ever learn?

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